New stadium in Milan, the San Siro Committee: "Concerned about the constraints"


After the resolution passed today by the Giunta di Milano, which reiterated the desire to carry out a project that includes the re-functioning of the Meazza stadium by linking the authorizations to any other works to the Territory Government Plan, the comment of the San Siro Project Committee. Committee that – reads about Football and Finance – "looks with interest and apprehension at the negotiation process with Inter and Milan for the construction of the new stadium".

The organ is made up of residents of the Milan San Siro area, favorable to the construction of the new stadium instead of Giuseppe Meazza. "We trust that Mayor Sala knows how to move, combining his role of protecting the interests of the Milanese with the practical spirit of a man of doing, but we express concern about the impact that the constraints placed may have on the contents of the negotiation", reads a note, in which" the interest that the negotiation reaches a positive outcome "is taken for granted. However, at the same time one wonders" what will be the price to pay to make it sustainable for investors to maintain a Meazza restructured within the project ". In particular, the Committee expresses" fear about the risk that works to keep the old stadium from "negotiating" are strategic to the Milanese and residents, but without economic return for the clubs, for example the interventions on the roads ".

"Inter and Milan – the note concludes – already have a plan B, in Sesto San Giovanni: if the negotiation fails, which plan B has in mind the mayor for San Siro and for the Mezza? We invite the Mayor and the Giunta to have courage and to start another great work for a Milan that looks to the future ".


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