New San Siro, Inter and Milan's project disavowed: the hypothesis is strengthened …


The path to the construction of the new stadium is becoming increasingly complicated San Siro. The resolution of the public interest of the Council of the Municipality of Milan, according to the indications of Council municipal, has displaced Milan is Inter, who did not expect so much rigidity on the "Meazza". The proposal to bring it down to build a new one has been rejected by politics, which wants to save it. A decision that is not in line with the project of the two companies: "The clubs reserve the right to analyze the act in detail and assess whether the conditions set are compatible with the feasibility and economic sustainability of the project".

As reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport, the Milan and Inter project exploits the law on stadiums, which allows for larger volumes. To build a € 650 million stadium there is a need for an important commercial part, on which the two clubs have been pushing for some time with works such as commercial spaces, offices, hotels. "Keeping up a mixed Meazza, sports facility and shopping area, is perhaps a too high rock".

Also of concern is the harsh climate with the the municipality of Milan: difficult to think of a negotiation between the clubs and the Giunta to find an agreement that can please everyone. Here is the plan B a Sesto San Giovanni is strengthened. Milan and Inter are working on it: the hypothesis of building the new stadium there becomes more and more concrete. Now, in fact, it is not just an alternative to 'scare' Sala, but the more concrete opportunity to realize the new plant and the commercial structures envisaged in the club project.

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