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                                        The Captur is renewed, the B-Suv of the Renault company reveals itself in its new incarnation a very interesting car, many safety systems on board and above all a lot of connectivity. With its 1.5 million units sold since its launch in 2013, the Captur is undoubtedly one of the leading cars of the French company and reigns supreme in the B-SUV segment.                                        </p><div>
                                        <p>The Captur is renewed, the Renault B-Suv reveals itself in its new incarnation <strong>a very interesting car</strong>, on board many <strong>security systems</strong> and above all a lot <strong>connectivity</strong>. With his <strong>1.5 million units sold</strong> since its launch in 2013, the Captur is undoubtedly one of the <strong>flagship cars of the French House</strong> and reigns supreme in the B-Suv segment. Among the approximately 20 competing cars of the other brands, only Juke is considered a real competitor that worries the French company, which however every year confirms the enormous success of its creature considering that more and more Captur are sold with respect to the previous year , confirming itself as <strong>the most sold B-Suv in Italy</strong> with his <strong>162,000</strong> cars sold.

New design and colors of all kinds

But numbers aside how is the new Captur? During our first impact in Greece on the streets surrounding Athens we had a very positive impression. Aesthetically, the Captur presented itself with one wider grille, the new chrome lines at the base of the windows, aggressive air intakes near the fog lights for reduce turbulence of the wheels, a slight decrease of the black color to give it a more elegant appearance e 11 cm longer that in parking lots they shouldn't worry too much.

If in parking we have to have a closer look at the measurements, internally we will be more comfortable, as habitability has also been improved. More length also translates into more space in the trunk, which now boasts a capacity of 536 liters (81 more than before), which can be increased by folding down the seats. Even more elegant led lights, made with a slight curvature both for the front and the rear, while as wheels it will be possible to mount also alloy wheels from 18". The demanding of the external colors will not be able to complain, the new Captur in level of coloration is configurable in 90 different combinations as regards the outside and 18 for the interior, with 8 different ambient lights configurable.

Premium level infotainment

Internally the Captur is comfortable, spacious and with more refined interior finishes, the instrumentation and infotainment arrive directly from the new Clio, like the platform CMF-B on which it was developed that is the same as Clio and Nissan Juke. Inside the dashboard we have a 10.2 "display customizable according to your needs, while at the center of the car we have a large one 9.3 "touch display (but there are also versions with the 7 ") that resembles a tablet, both in terms of size and how fluidity of use. Of course the compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is guaranteed, it is also possible to customize the interface with apps and widgets that we use most often.

The infotainment system Easy Link thanks to the connection of 4G network, allows the navigator to search for the destination simply by entering the name in the appropriate field and select the entries that appeared after the search, exactly as it happens with Google Maps in essence. This will allow you to find a restaurant, a hotel or any business even without knowing the exact address and without looking for it online, it will do everything Easy Link. In addition to this it will be possible to know in real time the price of fuel in any distributor, check the weather and much more.

From the audio point of view the basic system was quite satisfactory in terms of quality, but those who want something more can buy the Premium version composed by 9 speakers + Bose subwoofer. The Bose system uses technology Fresh Air Speaker (FAS) which offers a performance higher in low frequencies without making the use of bulky traditional boxes and technology necessary Dynamic Speed ​​Compensation, which automatically adjusts the volume and equalization of the music depending on the speed of the vehicle.

Customization and lots of safety on board

Thanks to the system Multi-Sense, on the new Captur you can change at any time engine mapping, the steering is the change response in three different ways: ECHO, Sport is MySense. In the latter it is also possible to customize the interior lights and the screen according to your taste.

From the point of view of security, Renault on the Captur has really included everything, we are talking about the presence of Adaptive Cruise Control, Parking Camera at 360 °, Easy Park Assist in parallel, perpendicular or herringbone mode with steering control, emergency braking, dead angle sensor, recognition of road signs and signal alert of crossing the carriageway line with automatic correction of the trajectory.

The engines

As motorization the new Captur will be available with a 999 cm3 engine from 100 horses (also GPL) to 3 cylinders and a motorization 1.3 liters from 130 and 155 hp. There will be two engines turbodiesel, a 1.3 liters from 95 CV it's a 1.4 liters from 115 hp, while a version is planned for June 160 hp plug-in hybrid, composed of a motor gasoline 1.6 is two electric motors that will guarantee a minimum autonomy 50 km in electric only.

We are talking about charging time at the moment about 3 hours with the dedicated Wall Box or by 6 hours using the house socket. During the test we drove the 155 hp and we really liked it a lot. The thrust of the engine is beautiful firm, above all by selecting the sport mode, even if there is a stop at departures at the traffic lights seemed a little too abrupt at the start, even when you are soft with the pedal.

On the highway going at canonical speed the engine is silent, also thanks to the front air intakes that decrease tire noise on asphalt. The change a EDC 7-speed double clutch (but the manual also exists) has turned out soft in the changed, a bit faster in Sport mode but never rough.

Prices and availability

The new Capture will be available since January 2020 starting from 17,700 VAT included for the 999 from 100 CV, up to 30,600 EUR for the 11561 1.461 turbodiesel in the top range Initiale Paris.


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