New Peugeot 208 promotion, because it is worthwhile and why not


Peugeot relaunches the 208, one of its best sellers, in the all new version that is already on offer until 30 November. We see the offer 3 years without thoughts on Peugeot 208 Allure with the PureTech 100 CV Start & Stop petrol and 6-speed manual gearbox: adhering to the financing I-Move Advantage, and only if you are not a business customer, the price drops from 19,450 to 15,750 euros, and after an advance of 3,500 euros you pay 35 installments of 169 euros (Fixed 4.45% TAN, 6.67% APR). The final guaranteed value of € 8,290.21 therefore remains, which can be refinanced or used as an advance for a new car; otherwise, the car can be returned.


The 208 is a brand new model and therefore the offer is particularly attractive, also because the total amounts are rather low, and the advance can easily be covered with a trade-in of a non-recent model; moreover, this 208 has 16 "alloy wheels, automatic climate control, LED rear lights, head-up display and rear parking sensors.


Unlike other recent offers, an advance is expected, and the installments are not zero; moreover, being a proposal on the cars available, there may be accessories and equipment that make the price go up. The example does not indicate the maximum mileage not to be exceeded after three years, and any penalties in the event of redundancy.

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