New Fiat Punto, reborn thanks to PSA


The merger between PSA and FCA is certainly the most talked-about and clicked news item of the moment, with analysis of what the future of the 14 brands that will find themselves under the hat of the new Group will be. A set of models of different sizes and styles which could also accommodate the new Fiat Punto. The small Lingotto in fact seems ready for a resounding return, a few months after the announcement of his farewell to production and the consequent abandonment of the B segment by Fiat.

But precisely the agreement with the French Group, together with the decision to abandon the city car segment by Fiat, for purely economic reasons and related to the issue of CO2 emissions, has reshuffled the cards by having Mike Manley and his collaborators.

A segment A car that runs through the limits of 95 g / km of CO2 emitted would in fact charge the House fines that could or raise the list prices, or cause leaks for each model sold.

From one French to another

That the Fiat Punto represented a cornerstone for the Turin-based company is not in question, with more than 9 million units sold in 25 years of career. The farewell was criticized by many also because, despite the advance of SUVs, the segment of small traditional cars does not seem to be affected, as witnessed by the Renault Clio, Europe's second best-selling car and first foreigner in Italy.

Sochaux - Palermo with the new Peugeot 208

She should have been the base of the new Fiat Punto generation if the merger with Renault had been successful, but we all know how it went. But for a French woman who is leaving, here is another one ready to arrive: the Peugeot 208.

To her, or rather to her CMP platform (also shared with DS 3 Crossback and Opel Corsa) the task of supporting the rebirth of the small Italian. A brand new platform and – above all – designed to accommodate both classic endothermic engines and 100% electric motorizations.

Opel Corsa-e

The new Fiat Punto could thus count on the classic petrol and diesel engines, combining their zero-emission versions, thus allowing the brand to reduce range emissions and don't run into the heavy fines imposed by the European Union.

Speaking of timing is perhaps premature, but it seems that Fiat is already working on the project, trying to repeat the "miracle" already operated at Opel with the new Corsa. The little of the Lightning in fact has been rethought from scratch in just 9 months following the transfer of the brand from General Motors to PSA, abandoning the old American platform (on which the new generation should have been born) to adopt the CMP. Ironically, the platform was the same as the FGA Small adopted by the Punto.

Italian style

So how will the new Fiat Punto look like? We tried to imagine it with this render, with a frontal inspired in part by that of the Fiat Tipo and embellished by full LED lights to horizontal development. An aggressive snout from which few but sharp lines pass through the bodywork that, following what was done with Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa, should have a length of just over 4 meters.

New Fiat Punto, rendering

Behind it could return the iconic vertical development lights, stylistic signature since the first generation, while inside there will surely be the infotainment system connected and with touch monitor. In order not to clash directly with the sisters then the small Italian could represent the low cost version of the 3, giving up maybe digital instrumentation and other features, focusing more on space and lower prices.

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