New faces in the national team: Cistana, from D to A in just over two years



Italians, who goes ahead in the Champions League?

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New faces in the national team: Cistana, from D to A in just over two years

From Serie D to the National team in 30 months. That of Andrea Cistana is really a beautiful story, which can serve as a teaching for many young people: in May 2017 he played for the last time with the Ciliverghe Mazzano shirt, an amateur team of a small town just outside Brescia. The swallows they had borrowed it to make him bones in the suburban fields, those that shape character and personality, and the central 1997 class had behaved well, deserving its stay in the squad of the parent company the following season. In January 2018, to allow him to play continuously, the Lombard company had decided to send him to Prato, where he managed to show off.

Confirmation and ascent – At the end of the season, Brescia decides to give him confidence and keep him. And Cistana immediately becomes a pillar of Corini's defense, which wins the championship and returns to Serie A after eight seasons. The rest is recent history: ten appearances as a starter in the current championship (with a goal in the assets), performances always above the average despite a complicated start (costing the bench to Corini) and the deserved call of Roberto Mancini, always attentive to the growth of talent. A dream come true very soon. – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

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