'Ndrangheta, the capital of the Calabrian clans in the restaurants of Lombardy and Piedmont: 9 arrests, seized assets for 10 million


The Calabrian clans reinvested the proceeds of criminal activities in restaurants in Lombardy and Piedmont. There Milan police, from the first light of dawn, is carrying out a precautionary custody order in both regions nine people, all Italian, held responsible in various ways for criminal association and fraudulent transfer of values. Seized assets for over ten million euros, including company shares of some restaurants belonging to the famous "pizza tour" chain Tourle, referable, in the first instance, to a well-known victim contiguous to the Calabrian organized crime.

The investigations, conducted by the agents of the mobile squad of the Milan Police Headquarters and, in the preventive phase, by the policemen of the Milanese Anti-crime Division, coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Lombard capital, have allowed to shed light on the interests of contiguous subjects to Calabrian cosche concerning the reinvestment of money illegal activities, with the release of large capitals in the large restaurant circuit in Northern Italy.

More details will be announced during a press conference to be held at 11 am at the Sala Scrofani of the Milan Police Headquarters in the presence of the Director of the Central Anti-Crime Department and the Director of the Central Operative Service of the State Police.


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