'Ndrangheta: investments by the gangs in restaurants and pizzerias in the North, 9 arrests and kidnappings


There police of Milan is running in Lombardy and in Piedmont a precautionary custody order against 9 people held responsible in various ways for criminal association and fraudulent transfer of values.
The investigations, conducted by the agents of the Squadra Mobile of the Milan Police Headquarters and, in the preventive phase, by the policemen of the Milan Anti-Crime Division, coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Milan, have allowed to bring to light the interests of contiguous subjects to gangs Calabrian who reinvested money the result of illegal activities, with the release of large amounts of capital into the circuit of great catering In the north of Italy.
Seized assets for over 10 million euros, including company shares of some restaurants belonging to the famous chain of “roundPizza"Tourle", referable, in the first instance, to a known previous offender contiguous to the Calabrian organized crime.

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