NBA, Carmelo Anthony comments on his arrival in Portland: "They are perfect for me"


After a long year, Carmelo Anthony has finally returned to the NBA. The former Knicks player, in fact, signed just a few days ago with the Portland Trail Blazers. After having put on paper, the New York native asked the team a couple of days to get back the right mental (and physical) focus to return to competing at a high level. These are the words of Anthony released during an interview published on his personal YouTube channel:

"It all happened in 48 hours. I lived the last year and a half as if I had been on a roller coaster. Last Wednesday I received a call from Portland and the next day everything was confirmed, I told them I was ready for this new challenge. I only asked for 3-4 days to return to the NBA with the right mentality. "

Why Portland? Carmelo explains it this way:

"I've always kept an eye on Portland. Other times it didn't work with them, but now it seems like a perfect opportunity. I just look at that team and I say, "This is what I can bring, this is where I can help with my game." All this can only work if all parties see it in the same way. "

On the difficulties of returning to the League e on failure in previous teams instead Anthony commented in this way:

"What happened in the past is something that is useless to dwell on. I learned from every experience I had. Several things have happened at delicate moments in my life. Now my approach is totally different. "

And Portland really hopes so …


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