Napoli, whistles for Insigne and the embrace of the team | News


The long-awaited and feared protest by the fans of the Naples it was resolved with whistles and little more. In particular, the viewfinder is finished Lorenzo Insigne: when the speaker pronounced his name during the training, strong whistles were heard from the stands, as well as at the time of his replacement in the middle of the second half. The same reaction even a few moments before the game, when the Italian players all approached the bench and hugged each other.

An unusual gesture and not appreciated by the fans, who started the whistles from the curves, then followed by some applause, especially from the stands. In curve A a single banner was also shown with the word "Respetto", as happened outside the stadium during training two days ago. While the Curva B decided to implement a typhus strike, which had already been announced before the retreat and insubordination depends on the new and more stringent rules on assigned seats, flags and corners.

In all, however, only a few fans showed up, around 20,000 in all, with curves showing large empty spaces.

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