Napoli, the fans: "Ancelotti has to go away: now that's enough. Only one coach could replace him"


There is so much disappointment in Napoli after the draw at the San Paolo stadium against Genoa trained by Thiago Motta. Many ask for Ancelotti's head.

The Naples, after the home draw against Genoa, is likely to move further away from the Champions League zone, the minimum goal of a season that, as things turned out, now seems compromised. And to think that we are still in November and there are so many months to recover the lost ground. The Scudetto goal, however, has now definitely faded despite the coach's words at the start of the season ("We will fight to win the title", ed.)

THE fans are disappointed. "Ancelotti has to go away, we don't want him anymore"; "Why do we play Lozano for the whole game? Just because we paid 50 million?"; "Ancelotti, what a disappointment"; "Ancelotti only does what he wants De Laurentiis. He decided to go to retreat and make Lozano play just because he was paid so much"; "Only one coach could replace Ancelotti: Spalletti. At least he's someone who knows how to get to the Champions League … ", these are some messages that can be read on the web.

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