Napoli, "strange" play by Lozano with Genoa. Anna Trieste ironic: "Worse than morphine from the dentist!"


Anna Trieste, journalist and blogger, has written a post on Facebook, dwelling, among other things, on the lackluster balance of the Azzurri with Genoa.

The journalist and blogger, Anna Trieste, posted a message on his official Facebook profile. Here's what we read: "The most beautiful are those that" Eh but the fault lies with journalists who incite the fans ". So. The journalists do their job? They give the news and, sometimes, based on objective data, some of them also elaborate analysis and comments. Now, if there is a piece of shit about Naples, it is not that journalists have to pretend that nothing is done to avoid inciting the fans. "

Anna Trieste added: "Journalists work for information, not to favor or disadvantage the Napoli Calcio Sport Society. On the other hand, it is those who work in communication and the relationship with the press in the Napoli Calcio Sport Society, which should 1] talk to journalists and 2] prevent the release of news that could throw your company to the press with your body ". Then Anna Trieste published another message on Twitter: "Lozano who makes his foot and foot alone with the ball is one of those things that makes me regret morphine from the dentist ".

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