Napoli, players on the pitch for warm-up: there is also Edo! The reaction of the San Paolo


Napoli's players entered the San Paolo playground to carry out the usual pre-game warm-up.

The Naples at 20:10 he entered the pitch of the St. Paul to carry out the usual pre-race heating. The Italian football players were greeted by the whistles of most of the stadium. There was also some timid applause, but only for the porters who had entered a few minutes before. At the Fuorigrotta plant there are no more than 20 thousand spectators. The rain and the very difficult moment of the team pushed the fans away from the stadium.

To signal the presence on the bench of Edo De Laurentiis who is carefully watching the warm-up operations of Carlo Ancelotti's team. The vice president of Naples, last Tuesday, had been faced with a hard-nosed face by the Italian football players who had sharply disputed the decision to go to retreat at Castel Volturno. It is absolutely necessary to win to bring back a minimum of serenity in the environment. After this race there will be a stop for the national teams.

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