Napoli-Genoa, Insigne among the whistles: the fans do not forgive the captain


At the beginning and at the end. The whistles for Lorenzo Insigne were the leitmotif of his race, accompanying a week in the eye of the storm between errors in the field and mutiny in the locker room.

The merciless whistles while the San Paolo speaker announced the formations at the start of the match, of frustration those who accompanied his exit from the field in the 66th minute to make room for Elmas in a Naples who could not otherwise oppose the advance of Genoa.

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The Neapolitan captain's race was full of contradictions: the goal scored and then annulled a few seconds after the kick-off could have been the turning point, instead Lorenzo got carried away by a game already turned off before starting. Ancelotti calls him back on the bench, he leaves the band a Koulibaly, greets Davide and the blue coach and then all the comrades on the bench, where he adds to look disconsolate the comrades in the field.


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