Napoli-Genoa 0-0: blue crisis among the many whistles of the San Paolo


NAPLES – In a surreal atmosphere, with the fans whistling the players and only rarely let themselves go to some applause, the Naples does not go beyond the 0-0 against the Genoa in a game that sees the team of Ancelotti work harder than expected, especially in the first half. The true blues come out only in the final going close to the goal of the three points but it doesn't arrive: the separation from the European zone really risks to become heavy. Victory in the league is missing from 2-0 at Verona, it was October 19th. Now it will be necessary to monitor the mood, as well as the fans, clubs and players in a more than negative week that began with the mutiny after the draw of Champions against the Salzburg.

Napoli-Genoa 0-0: match report and statistics

Serie A ranking

The San Paolo whistles the Napoli

Whistles a Insigne while reading the formations, just as the players hugged a little before the kick-off. A gesture that was not appreciated by the fans who first booed and then started some applause. In Curve A only one banner was shown with the words 'Respect' while the Curve B he called for a strike that had already been announced prior to the withdrawal insubordination and that depends on the new and more stringent rules on assigned seats.

Insigne's goal canceled

The heavy air experienced during the week conditioned the team, the evening of the San Paolo immediately appears surreal. In the first half Napoli is almost unrecognizable so much so that the only real chance comes after two minutes and is the goal of Insigne promptly canceled for the offside of Lozano. Then it is a succession of shyness, monotony and cues that are already setting in the bud with Genoa, which however does not take advantage of it and struggles to make itself dangerous from the parts of Ospina. Zielinski is Callejon they try to give a jolt, but the result is far from being unstuck from 0-0.

Naples close to the advantage

In the second half Koulibaly keeps the Naples afloat saving almost on the line the conclusion of Pinamonti on assist to the kiss of Agudelo, then Ancelotti decides to let in Elmas in place of Insigne who leaves the field in a mix of whistles and applause: the captain has no reaction and goes to take the five of the whole bench. The blue team presses on the accelerator, reinvigorated also by the entry of Llorente, and grazes the advantage with the left-handed from the distance of Fabian Ruiz (69 ’), with the tap-in under the door of Maksimovic and above all with the head shot of the Macedonian who calls Radu to the miracle. But the recovery is behind the corner, time and the fans do not help the Napoli that is forced to postpone once again the appointment with the three points.

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