Napoli, Ancelotti does not change form but men: Callejon and Mertens towards the bench


NAPLES – The championship break did not bring any advice to Naples. In fact, De Laurentiis and the players continue to live apart from each other, after Insigne and his companions' sensational mutiny at the end of the Champions League match against Salzburg, when the whole team rebelled against the order of the company to retire. Since then two and a half weeks have passed and nothing has changed, in the blue house. In fact, the president flew to the United States and from there he maintained contact only with Ancelotti, to whom he confirmed his intention to proceed with the hard line. Monday will therefore start the registered letters with the request for a fine (up to 25 per 100 of salary) for the twenty-five members of the staff. The amounts may vary a little, depending on the responsibilities of the protagonists of the rebellion.The big names will pay more, maybe even on the pitch. In the San Siro trip against Milan they risk losing their place between the holders Callejon and Mertens. Both have the expiring contract and have so far refused the renewal offers received from the club. The Spaniard in particular is tempted by the call of Benitez, who would like him in China as early as January. But this is not the time to think about the market and Ancelotti already has too many problems to deal with, related to the present. The technician for this attempted – with little success – a mediation between the players and De Laurentiis, who could also desert the Champions League gala next Wednesday, in Liverpool. The president wants the team to put his face, evidently, after the mutiny.
In the midst of the storm, therefore, Ancelotti remained alone, at the San Siro can only count on the comfort of the 2000 fans in tow. The technician can console himself with the important recoveries of Manolas and Allan, but in defense is emergency on the left wing for the ailments of Mario Rui and Ghoulam, not summoned. Ballot between Luperto and Hysaj. The tactical form of Napoli against Milan will not change: 4-4-2. However, the Azzurri should take the field with at least one more median and one less striker. In fact, the tips will almost certainly be only two: Lozano and Insigne. Avoiding another misstep right now is the priority.

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