Naples, Zoff: "Meret? He's better than me when he was young"


NAPLES"I don't fully know the things at home in Naples, but I say that you can't get to these oppositions with the fans". Dino Zoff, former national team coach (and former goalkeeper of Naples is Juventus) speaks thus to the microphones of Radio Marte about the situation of the Azzurri: "Withdrawals are not always punitive, but I don't want to go into detail because I don't know things. Meret? He is very good, younger than me and has the qualities to do good things. He is already in the national team and will play with Donnarumma, if he can play it. Ancelotti? There were so many expectations, but the season is still long and I believe that Napoli in the Champions League gets there. With 3 points there are so many possibilities to recover, but reach the Juve it is difficult, it must be said. For the Champions instead I don't think there are problems ”.

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