Naples, wonderful letter from little Aurora: "Our team, state of mind. Win for us!"


The Naples lives a very particular situation and the fan Aurora has written a letter addressed to all the blue troops.

"Naples is not a football team but the state of mind of an entire people". He is only 13 years old Aurora and has always been an avid supporter of the Italian team. This love has helped her, so far, to overcome the difficult moments caused by a terrible disease, medulloblastoma, which has afflicted her for five years. The crisis that is going through the formation of Ancelotti has shaken it to the point of pushing her to write a letter to the president de Laurentiis, to the coach and to the whole blue team led by the technician of Reggiolo.

"I do not know what happened – continues Aurora – maybe I'm too young to understand. But I would like to make you understand what is happening inside us. Your shirts do not have so many badges but in that blue color there is all our love for our land so battered. You are our strength ". "To those of us who love you, it is enough to see you play to feel good. You are transmitting this crisis to all of us and it is not right. Please return to win. I love you", concludes the letter. Will his wish be fulfilled? We'll find out very soon.

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