Naples, we had loved each other so much: "Out of everyone, don't deserve the shirt"


We had loved each other so much, but now it's all over: it's raining on the San Paolo, and the storm doesn't spare anyone. In the night of Naples-Genoa, in fact, boos and protests also against players, as announced a few days ago in the wake of what was seen in the training with open doors. "You don't have to go to retreat, you have to go home"; "Do not deserve this shirt"; "Go all away"; "Just throw the balls away so as not to go on a retreat, you have no character on the pitch"; "You are without soul, but go to toil", some of the comments that are wandering on the web. Never seen so much anger from the fans against the team: the players have always been venerated in the city, but the results and that mutiny have made many people change their minds. Empty stadium, whistles and a few choirs of encouragement. And after 0 to 0 disdain, total silence. "You are extinguishing our passion, shame," the voice that spread in the city.Many hoped for a reaction after the controversy in the week, but nothing. Among the most targeted is the captain, but this time not even the most acclaimed and appreciated of the past are exempt from strong criticism: "Away from Naples, your time here is over"; "Have the courage to go away if you do not know how to return our love. It is not possible that you make so much mistakes and you are not able to score ». Hard words addressed to Koulibaly, Callejon, Mertens: the holy pictures were torn off with their faces, even their statues in San Gregorio Armeno have been removed from the exhibition. "They don't deserve our gratitude, that's enough now."

But for a good part of the Neapolitans the fault of all this is of Ancelotti: those who ask for the head of King Charles are increasing more and more. "When do you decide to resign?" "Away with him, his son … and bring along Edo too", "We have a better rose than in the past and he is not able to make her play"; "Ancelotti one of the greatest bluffs in history"; "Allegri is free, president, take it immediately", reads the social media. It seems that very few are able to appreciate the work of the technician, attacked on all fronts. All in all it is easy to pass the coach as a scapegoat: "An adequate purchase campaign has been made for two years, he does not know how to make it return".

And in this context of all against all those who even seem to gain the sympathy and support of the fans is precisely the president: "The players have behaved so against those who pay them gold, shame"; "President, send everyone away and redo a new team for us"; "They have been disrespectful to those who allow them to earn a lot of money and to us fans that are the basis of everything. We are with ADL », many commented. While the ironies on the vice president go crazy: "Aurelius, but how do you get a son like that? Make him stay at home »; "Is it possible that Edo is so unintelligent as to offend his team at such a delicate time?" "How can you bring respect to someone like Edo?" "President, take someone with a charisma in society who can make peace and act as an intermediary between the parties … And take it from your son", write the Neapolitans on the web.

A crisis that seems so profound as to undermine the result even against teams certainly within reach: «But what is happening? How can you not score points even when you dominate the games? ». Someone even starts to think badly about everything: "It's not possible, but do you want to see that these players don't want to let the ball enter the net?". But the commitment is there, the opportunities are created. Then the bad luck and perhaps too much nervousness do the rest. Too many errors of the individuals, of those that were the supporting pillars of Naples; hence the disputes and the anger of the fans who are now turning against everyone: "Only the shirt. Sell ​​the company and redo everything, players and new coach »; "It's the end of a cycle, let's renew everything."

Definitely an important historical period for this team that for years now has conquered Europe with a great path of growth in Italy and internationally. In recent seasons it has never been so far from the Champions area. But it is also true that the championship is long and anything can happen, while meanwhile the passage of the European group seems to be almost in your pocket. Everything is overcoming the crisis, and the only way to do it is not to overcome negativity and regain the charge: this applies to the whole environment, even for the fans.


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