Naples, they all lost! De Laurentiis' latest decision is bad news for everyone


Napoli is experiencing one of the worst times of the management of Aurelio De Laurentiis and not only for the disappointing sports results of the team.

Bad days for Naples. These days all the Italian fans, and not only them, have had the opportunity to discuss also Aurelio De Laurentiis and his team. The judgments are certainly not positive. The patron of the Campanian association imposed the withdrawal on Ancelotti and on the team. The players, however, on their own initiative and without consulting the company, have decided not to comply with orders from above. A grotesque situation, never happened in the world of football.

In this situation there are no winners, they have lost everything. De Laurentiis was wrong in imposing the withdrawal. The players behaved wrongly by arbitrarily deciding to leave. The same coach, going against the company openly and then going to Castel Volturno, did not manage the affair in the best way. The last decision of De Laurentiis, press silence, it's bad news for everyone. It doesn't help make the climate better, but only gives room for more rumors, many of which are false. What is the point, furthermore, of forbidding journalists to have access to training in an era, that of mobile phones, in which everything comes to the surface immediately? An inexplicable decision, yet another …

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