Naples, the report cards of CM: Koulibaly old-fashioned, Fabian collapses. Ancelotti, it is an agony | A league


Ospina 6: does not work miracles (Hysaj and Koulibaly think about it just a few steps from the door), but it shows confidenceDi Lorenzo 5.5: its performance is lowered, both in the boost phase and in the defensive phase. It is not proposed with the usual continuity, it goes into difficulty with Agudelo

Maksimovic 6: no smudging to report, no decisive intervention either: only a few outputs that are not perfect to record

Koulibaly 7: saves Napoli at the fifteen minutes of the second half with a prodigious intervention on Pinamonti and is decisive in at least two other circumstances. A performance by Koulibaly old-style that becomes decisive

Hysaj 5.5: try to be seen with some inevitable technical limit. Also in difficulty, like Di Lorenzo, on the chain of competence, also due to a lack of synchronism in the movements (from 39 'st Luperto sv)

Callejon 5: some ideas, some cuts, little coverage. The summary of a race below its standards (from 15 'st Llorente 5: try to be seen head on, operation failed)

Fabian Ruiz 5: continues to be a fish out of water, continues to disappoint called to occupy a role with principles that do not belong to him

Zielinski 4.5: same speech made for Fabian, with the aggravating circumstance of an even more defensive defensive phase

Insigne 5.5: overwhelmed with whistles at his entrance, overwhelmed with whistles at his exit. The captain made a generous and imprecise race, used as a scapegoat for a situation that became increasingly unsustainable (21 'st Elmas 6.5: the most dangerous of Napoli with a header that only the Gol Line Technology can cancel. Enter with an important look, becoming the best of his in the few minutes granted by Ancelotti)

Lozano 5.5: it takes a lot of running, it puts us some good movement, but it lacks the substance under the goal, it lacks the right wickedness even in dribbling that I am in its repertoire. In the final he showed off the assist that could be decisive for Elmas, but Radu is good

Mertens 5: better in the second half after a lackluster first half. The only one who experiences any noteworthy conclusions until the coup of Elmas

All .: Ancelotti 4: five races without victory, a draw that weighs like a boulder. His tactical project, by now, has turned into an agony from which it remains only to understand what the solution will be

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