Naples, the players are sorry for some voices: they have a strategy, De Laurentiis inviperito


Napoli's players are sorry for some rumors circulating these days, De Laurentiis still furious.

The players of the Naples they know the president Aurelio De Laurentiis he's in Los Angeles. As revealed by today's edition of Rome, after the rebellion in the after-Salzburg they have not seen him. The president will probably return the day before Milan-Napoli, and after the game, on Monday 25th to be precise, the players will receive the dispute for the mutiny. Beyond what will be the legitimate defenses of the athletes, the players agreed that the best thing is to have a clarification with the president, finalized to speak then to the fans and to apologize for what happened. To understand if the strategy of the players (who would also talk with Ancelotti) will simply serve to apologize to the fans and the company, or it will be finalized to find justifications for what happened. Difficult, however, especially if the authorization to speak with the fans will come from De Laurentiis, still furious at what has happened.

Certainly there is that i players are sorry: especially for the rumors that have been circulating these days. Starting from the rumors of "escape" of the wives of many players after the incidents of crime against Allan and Zielinski. But not only that: there were also rumors of the desire of many players to leave, with lots of negotiations for interrupted renewals and a collective "escape" for January. Not to mention unfounded rumors about a real "purge", which De Laurentiis would do in January, but that on which there are no conditions.

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