Naples, the next coach. Gallo d an important clue: "I tell you the initial of his surname"


Antonello Gallo, Telecaprisport journalist and foreign football expert, wrote a message on his official Facebook profile.

The reporter from Telecaprisport and foreign football expert, Antonello Gallo, has published a message on its official social profiles which, in a few minutes, has provoked the interest of many Italian fans. Here's what we read: "I believe that the next Napoli coach, referring to the upcoming season except for surprises, has a surname that begins with"G"…". The Neapolitan fans are literally unleashing the possible name of Carlo Ancelotti's replacement.

Who could be the new Napoli coach? The most likely hypothesis is the one that leads to Gian Piero Gasperini. It is no mystery that Aurelio De Laurentiis values ​​him so much. Not by chance, in the past, as revealed by the president of the Campanian association himself, the Atalanta coach was one step away from the landing in Campania. In those years there was Mazzarri. Attention also to Gattuso. There is also someone who fantasizes about Guardiola, a hypothesis, however, that is not very realistic at the moment …

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