Naples, new dispute. Banners in the city: "You have taken a bad road … respect those who pay you!" PHOTO | First page


Yesterday's day evidently was not enough for the fans of Naples that taking advantage of the training to open doors to St. Paul has established a climate of open protest against the rea team, after the draw obtained with Salzburg, to have forced the company to break the forced withdrawal going to direct confrontation with Aurelio and especially Edoardo De Laurentiis. It was not enough because also this morning the city has awakened "colored" by banners of rage towards the team exposed in the most important points of the city.Curva A, in fact, has created a banner exposed since the first light of dawn in front of famous places like Castel dell'Ovo or the seafront up to, obviously, the San Paolo stadium. A message of anger, but also threatening: "You have chosen a bad road … Respect those who love this shirt and pay you!". A clear sign of how the dispute (READ HERE WHO ARE THE CRITICAL TARGETS) shows no sign of abating.

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