Naples, Lady Insigne: "I am not afraid of living in my city" | News


"I am not afraid to live in my city, as I read incredibly on the web. I am Neapolitan and proud of it. I always visit my parents". To 'Napoli Magazine' the wife of Lorenzo Insigne, Jenny Darone, intervenes to categorically deny the news that he would have 'taken refuge' at his parents' home in this dark period for Naples inside and outside the camp, and to dismantle something that does not exist: "No case".

What happened to Allan – with the attempted theft in his home – it's at Zielinski – damaged the car of the wife – could not fail to have an impact on the blue environment: the fear of episodes that have nothing to do with football has now been added to the disappointing results and to the protest of the ultras. In this heavy climate, however, the voice of Lady Insigne is raised: "Naples is my city".

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