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Situation increasingly delicate in the home Naples, where after the mutiny on Tuesday evening and the threats of De Laurentiis, companies and players are silent. The silence on the part of Castel Volturno has been broken only by the whistles and the protests of the blue fans inside and outside the San Paolo on the day of training open to subscribers and a post from the brother of Insigne, Marco, who published on Instagram a shot that depicts Lorenzo and Allan hugging each other and the caption "Guerrieri!".

After the storm of the last few days, the post seems to be the indirect confirmation by the brother of the blue captain that just the number 24 and the Brazilian midfielder would have been among the promoters of the 'revolt' that took place inside the locker room against the company blue after the match against Salzburg in the Champions League.

The social message of Insigne's brother does not seem to have been liked by many Italian fans, who have commented in a negative way under the photo: "Calling two warriors who refuse to do their duty seems paradoxical!" blue supporters.

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Naples, even market reasons behind the revolt Naples
Naples, even market reasons behind the revolt

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