Naples in disarray, ADL could consider a sensational decision


Carlo Ancelotti, Napoli coachCarlo Ancelotti, Napoli coach

Exemption from Ancelotti if Napoli does not recover immediately. This is the resounding hypothesis of Gazzetta dello Sport on newsstands today

Carlo Ancelotti he remained alone with his thoughts. His Naples it is in disarray, it no longer follows it according to today's edition of Gazzetta dello Sport.

Ancelotti Naples exonerated, sensational decisions on Ancelotti?

"The night of the San Paolo will open to the club's evaluations, because there is a real risk that this season may end worse than you imagine. At the moment, the position of the technician is not in question, but he could soon become one. De Laurentiis still believes in the work of his coach, but the pressures of his collaborators could push him to a sensational decision. In a few months, everything has changed, there is no longer a team, the breakdown of the various components is now certified and appears incurable or almost. A victory with Genoa could have lightened the positions a bit. But this did not happen"

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