Naples in chaos, Martino: "A real revolt happened, an unprecedented situation"


The journalist spoke in tuttonapoli's microphones about the regrettable story that was created.

Carmine Martino, radio commentator of Naples, on, has highlighted the regrettable story concerning the Neapolitan club: "What happened after Salzburg is a unique, unprecedented situation. There was a real revolt. In a sense the team has compacted, everyone has had the same idea, but now they will have to demonstrate on the field the its value, because Ancelotti has often been used as a lightning rod, but now the attention will have to be directed above all on the team, the coach has his responsibilities but many players are playing below their own and now they will have to prove with victories that they do not they needed the withdrawal. If the results did not arrive, they would be wrong twice. "

What will happen from the next game onwards? "It's early to make predictions, but of one thing I am certain. In football, if victories come, many events are quickly forgotten. But this remains a bad page. But who knows, maybe there will be 5-6 victories in a row and then we'll talk about carried out after the spark before the Salzburg ".

Has something changed in the relationship between Ancelotti and De Laurentiis? "The same goes for the team. Everything becomes easier with the victories. Everything will depend on the next results. For the rest, the thought of the coach on the withdrawal was known to all for some time. We'll see if the two manage to find the right compromise ".

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