"Naples, if we get to the lawyers we will see a troubled season. When he hired me Gaucci …"


Dario Canovi (agent): Naples, if we get to the lawyers we will see a troubled season. When he hired me Gaucci ...
A Radio Goal, live on Kiss Kiss Napoli, intervened Dario Canovi, lawyer and sports attorney. Here is how highlighted by CalcioNapoli24.it:

"In the episode of revolt of 88 in Naples between the team and the coach I was procurator of Garella, Giordano, Bagni and Ferrario. All except Garella were sold. They called me to ask me for advice on the communique that the team wanted to do against coach Bianchi and told him that there could be legal consequences. For today's Napoli players I would have explained what the disciplinary consequences would be. There may be economic sanctions against players. At the time of Chinaglia's Lazio they lasted even a week. Legal actions against players? When I was hired by Gaucci I asked him only one thing that he would not enter the locker room until half an hour after the end of the game. Those are moments of great tension. No one gets into it if it ends up in lawyers' hands. We must use so much common sense, the leaders of Napoli and Ancelotti must have so much. If you arrive at legal papers, Napoli will face a very troubled season. Then there are two important players who are expiring from the contract and their situation would be even more complicated ”.

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