"Naples, I know what happened in the locker room"


The climate at home is not tempered Naples, also because the statement released by the club of Aurelio De Laurentiis he did not contribute to clarifying what happened after the race with Salzburg, merely investing Carlo Ancelotti of responsibility on the issue withdrawn from yesterday to the next few days.

THE HYPOTHESIS. In the city, however, there are rumors and hypotheses about Tuesday's episode, one of which identifies the trigger for the break between society and team in a sentence written on the blackboard of the blue locker room. An indiscretion so far without any journalistic verification, circulated by the group Whatsapp in Whatsapp group.

To talk about it today on Twitter it's Maurizio Pistocchi. "I understand – writes the journalist – that the storm that is sweeping the Naples was provoked by a sentence certainly not polite that the players would have found on the blackboard of the locker room at the end of the game ".

REACTIONS. Pistocchi's tweet sparked the reactions of his followers, many of whom, however, commented with irony and a certain skepticism. "Did you hear Ms. Concetta's audio?", Antò asks, while Gufo Triste explains that she doesn't believe the theory: "If you refer to an audio that circulates keep in mind that anyone could have done it".

"I don't believe it … this is putting more meat to cook," adds Minfluer. Many other users, however, comment with irony. "It was written‘ The crunchy pizza is better than the soft one ’, Insigne didn't see us anymore, they had to keep it in 4", writes Mister_3D, while others fished out a famous phase of ADL: "I am yours Cavani", Writes Fraboys, while Skull Face paraphrases:" I am your retreat ".

Finally the stamp of GamePlayFusi, which summarizes the thought of many Italian fans: "Here is the sentence:" From tomorrow, your salary will be max 1000 euros per month and you will have to work really! ".

SPORTEVAI | 07-11-2019 13:11

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