Naples, good news arrives in the general dullness! Yet another "message" by Mertens to De Laurentiis


A psychologically blocked Napoli does not go beyond the internal 0-0 against a well-organized Genoa coached by former midfielder Thiago Motta.

Napoli equalized 0-0 against Genoa. Certainly more was expected from Carlo Ancelotti's men. The Neapolitans have not produced great opportunities to win the game except for a header from Elmas saved by the Radu goalkeeper. The situation is really complicated. The Neapolitans have lost two more points from Inter. The first two positions of the ranking seem only a utopia. However, qualification in the Champions League must not be so because there would still be plenty of time to recover.

But in the general gray of the situation, good news arrives. Dries Mertens, once again, despite not having scored, he was once again the protagonist. And not just for the excellent race held. The Belgian was perhaps the only one to have received the applause, albeit timid, of the San Paolo public. He believed in it until the end trying to give an important role to his companions too. The attacker sent theyet another message to De Laurentiis: at 32 he is still one of the best on the team. It will be important, therefore, to try to keep it in Naples also next season … It would not be easy to find a substitute of this level if not exorbitantly high.

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