Naples, five players have carried out the uprising. Mertens first to speak, Allan was furious


Today's edition of Il Mattino told further details of the protest carried out by Napoli players.

Stormy waters in the Naples home. Today's edition of Il Mattino tells further behind the scenes of the hot night after the match against Salzburg. The protest (carried out by Allan, Koulibaly, Insigne, Mertens is Callejon) would have broken out after the team realized that it would have to return to retreat at Castel Volturno despite the draw that brought the club closer to the passage of the Champions League round. When DS Giuntoli explained that the bus was waiting for them in the San Paolo parking lot, Mertens he was the first to raise his voice and protest. But he knew perfectly well that he was not alone. And in fact all the others have joined together without losing a second. Allan intervenes, and the Brazilian raises the tone with the sports director. "We go home, tell the president." The injured midfielder almost looks for a fight even with De Laurentiis junior who has arrived in the meantime: "We are always on your side, you must accept the company's decision", He says. Nothing to do.

The tension is skyrocketing, because everyone else is there to roar, to protest. Mertens doesn't think about it for a moment: he doesn't even take a shower and leaves. The others continue to argue, Giuntoli and De Laurentiis junior continue to push them to go to the hotel for the night and postpone the discussion to the morning (yesterday morning, ed). Nothing to do: the nerves have now completely disappeared and when Ancelotti – who has a room of his own a few meters from the big room of the players – he realized that there was little to do, he took his bag, he deserted the press room and went straight to Castel Volturno. He and his staff. Alone. Knowing well that they would have remained alone. Ancelotti followed the evolution of the situation almost at 3 am, in the lobby of the Golden Tulip hotel, together with his son Davide and the rest of the collaborators.

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