Naples defeated, Insigne does not like the substitution. Some words towards Davide Ancelotti …


The Napoli was defeated by Roma 2-1, it is a setback in the very heavy league.

Defeat of the Naples against Roma, the Azzurri lost 2-1 in the league against the Giallorossi at the Olympic stadium. Race that Ancelotti's team deserved at least to draw. The Azzurri have had several occasions, but they have failed to realize. Meret's parade by Kolarov and Milik's net was not enough. In the final part of the second half Davide Ancelotti has decided to call Insigne on the bench to get Younes on the pitch.

The blue captain, as the cameras of SKY showed, would not have taken the replacement willingly and would have said some little words (of which we do not know the content) to Davide Ancelotti. Insigne's grimace, however, was that of a nervous and disappointed footballer, it must be said that then the player, while sitting on the bench, gave his hand to all the team mates before sitting down in his place. Insigne hoped to be able to influence more in today's race.

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