Naples, De Laurentiis is studying a megamult


Naples is beyond the walls: voices that cross, moods that grab hold and a desire to get in the car, go to the San Paolo, relive an apparently "normal" afternoon that instead must be stifled while thinking about a film, the series television, to the America that is waiting to think (also) about something else. The "buen retiro" would have been defined this way, in reality it is imbued with melancholy, certain wounds remain for a little while, and from the room with a view of Capri, one can breathe the scent of a sea that fills, makes one regret the pleasure of live among the people, smiling or joking, chatting and rambling in style De Laurentiis. Because, instead, now, with that sky full of clouds and a horizon that has become gray, work becomes an attraction, or even a distraction, helps to numb the disappointment and to study the strategies to start again to see a future that makes sense.


But we must proceed, the companies (even those of football that live in turbulence) cannot get lost, or slow down, and the meetings can be set up at the "Vesuvio", the headquarters in which De Laurentiis gives appointment to Andrea Chiavelli, the administrator delegate, to Antonio Saracino, the director of administrative processes, to Cristiano Giuntoli, the diesse, to Alessandro Formisano, the head of marketing, and to Nicola Lombardo, the head of the communication area: then there is a hot mobile phone, which is useful to hear (and repeatedly) Carlo Ancelotti and to dialogue with the lawyer Mattia Grassani, because in the meantime however there is a line to follow, sanctions to be requested through the discipline college that could rise, and how, going from 5 % per cent of the monthly salary, which seemed the initial intention, to 25%, as allowed by the collective agreement, which would open up a mega bill for the team.

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