Naples continues the protest of the fans: new banners in the city


NAPLES – After yesterday's protest Napoli fans outside the stadium St. Paul before the team's afternoon training Ancelotti, There were new forms of protest against the players and their choice not to take part in the withdrawal imposed by the company. Today the city has woken up finding itself carpeted with numerous banners appeared in different neighborhoods with the same writing signed by Curve A"You have chosen a bad road … respect those who love this shirt and pay!".

Naples, the players challenged for training

After the draw against Salzburg and the mutiny of the players, the atmosphere at home in Naples is very tense. A large group of ultras workers protested in front of the San Paolo access ramp yesterday afternoon and then moved around the perimeter of the stadium, guarded by an impressive array of law enforcement officers. The players arrived each in their own car or by taxi, entering the stadium directly without stopping.

Whistle to Insigne, Mertens and Callejon

Whistles and shouts of protest to the players, in particular to Insigne, Mertens is Callejon. At every touch of the ball the fans shouted "Go away, go away". The approximately 200 (out of ten thousand) subscribers attended the training of the St. Paul. The Italian players entered the field immediately starting the training without giving any greeting to all the fans who whistled them.

Today we return to retreat

Meanwhile tonight the team will return to retreat a Castel Volturno in view of the challenge with the Genoa Saturday at 8.45pm on St. Paul. A decision obviously taken by the technician Ancelotti, to which President De Laurentiis has entrusted full management powers, in agreement with the team. The Azzurri will be hunting for a victory that is missing from the great Champions night in Salzburg.

Allan disputed: "Get out of Naples"

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