Naples, Ancelotti for now does not risk: confirmed trust


High voltage in Naples: the environment is at risk of explosion, but Carlo Ancelotti would seem not at risk of exemption. Or at least not yet. Here's how much it filters.

Carlo Ancelotti exempts Naples
Carlo Ancelotti (© Getty Images)

Naples, no exemption for Carlo Ancelotti. Or at least not yet. In the midst of a crisis unprecedented in the modern era, Aurelio De Laurentiis decided not to take extreme decisions against the former Milan coach.

As indeed refers to the Corriere dello Sport today on newsstands, the patron of the Neapolitans goes on with confidence to others. At least until the match with Liverpool in the Champions League, dated November 27th. That should be the deadline in the shadow of Vesuvius, within which a reaction is expected by virtue of the current 8th place in the face of this summer's proclamations.

The 0-0 of yesterday with Genoa is the fourth consecutive results without success. A technical involution that adds up to an environment in full confrontation, with the players who have deserted the punitive withdrawal imposed by the company and with the latter's statement against the rebel members.

In the middle is Ancelotti, who at the moment would seem not to think about the resignation. In the background instead, in the event of an inevitable turnaround, there would be Gennaro Gattuso is Luciano Spalletti.

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