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Of tomorrow, at home in Naples, there really is no certainty. Disputes, choruses, mutinies, internal clashes, by now worn-out reports. Defining Naples as a powder magazine means being a step back from reality. The clash is open and it remains to be seen if the calm can return. For this to happen, there are several situations that must be defined: De Laurentiis must also be aware of what his faults are, those of a management, in some cases, of his employees-footballers.

WAY TO JANUARY – It is no secret that Mertens and Callejon were among the advocates of the hard line at the time of the mutiny. After the heavy words in their confrontations pronounced by the patron before the first match against Salzburg, that thin red thread of the dialogue was severed. De Laurentiis tried a timid approach with post-Salzburg Mertens, Mertens had tried in many previous circumstances to make himself heard, without receiving particular attention. The feeling that the Belgian, as early as January, can leave Naples, in case ever after having written the story with the record of goals scored, it exists but is not very strong. There are so many sirens, previously they weren't even heard, now they are picked up by the Belgian with greater intensity.

THE TEAR – With Callejon, however, the distance has been clearer for some time: De Laurentiis mentioned a dialogue with Quilon, a Spaniard agent, a few months ago. Then, a heavy silence that does nothing but presage a farewell, practically a foregone conclusion: the Dalian, in the winter market session, with Benitez and Hamsik ready to welcome him, is an increasingly concrete hypothesis, even with a fair balance for Naples. In short, a double goodbye after so many years for two other columns that brought Napoli to the top of the Uefa ranking and to be the great antagonist of Juventus in recent years.

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