Naples, Allan's wife threatened: "Enough, it's too much"


Heavy weather in Naples for Allan and his family. The Brazilian midfielder is finished in the sights of the fans, who consider him one of the main culprits of themutiny Tuesday night, following the Champions League match against Salzburg. After the home theft suffered Friday, the player's wife, Thais, published a long outburst on social media, denouncing the tense situation that has arisen. His post on Instagram received several messages of support but also so many criticisms, threats and insults, so that the woman has decided to deactivate her account.

"I think he is really exaggerating now – he had written Thais – e I can not take it anymore, first my husband is attacked not for what he does in the field, but for alleged accusations created by those who want to distort the truth … And then I come insulted every day on social media with mischievous words .. this week even while shopping".

"Last night we add this enormous fear! People who enter hidden in our house in broad daylight, with me alone at home, then putting chaos dirtying everything in the children's room, our intimacy violated … My children who cried terrified! Since we arrived in Naples we have been very well received, but now people cannot use false news to do so to a family with children, this is not football, this is not rooting … ".

The Corriere del Mezzogiorno revealed that Allan, indicated as one of the people responsible for the mutiny (with a lot of fury with Edo De Laurentiis), was severely attacked even after training on Thursday at San Paolo, when he had to dodge in the car some fans throwing punches at his car.

Allan's relationship with the fans had cracked in the summer, in the wake of rumors of an agreement to move to Paris Saint Germain, then faded.

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