Naples, after the injury and mutiny, there is no peace for Allan: thieves at home! | First page


There is no peace for the Napoli midfielder, Allan, a negative protagonist of the last period of the team coached by Carlo Ancelotti. The Brazilian, after the problem at the knee which saw him leave the field badly against Atalanta only 10 days ago he was also in the front line nell'ammutinamento against Aurelio De Laurentiis and his son Edoardo for the imposed withdrawal up to the direct confrontation with the president's son.Field matters, more or less, but Allan was also the protagonist, or rather the victim, of an unpleasant episode even outside the playing field, in his own home in Pozzuoli, on the outskirts of the city. In fact, a group of thieves broke into the house while the whole family was present. The midfielder did not notice anything because he was on another floor of the apartment and the amount of the loot still needs to be quantified. Surely, however, the unpleasant episode marks another black page of the last period of life in Naples and Naples.

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