Naples, after controversy and disputes, comes the frost of San Paolo



Italians, who goes ahead in the Champions League?

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Naples, after controversy and disputes, comes the frost of San Paolo

Word to the field. After the post-Salzburg chaos, press releases, controversies and disputes, Napoli returns to the field for a very delicate challenge in which there are not only three points up for grabs. The whistles and the insults in the training with open doors, the banners that yesterday have plastered the city and a half-empty San Paolo with just 25 thousand spectators, give an idea of ​​how much the team's gesture of deserting the retreat hit the fans. A surprising split after years side by side, creating further tension and pressure on the team that therefore will not be able to count even on the public friend and will have to avoid a wrong approach also in order not to create an even hostile environment. Not the ideal situation for a group that has so far appeared fragile, dull, inattentive, worn down in the head after years at the top without victories, capable of exalting itself in the Champions League and otherwise discontinuous even in the same games: all the signals leading to the end of a cycle , but in the middle of a season to save with the fourth place that remains vital for the club.

The race takes on the contours of a final. A strong reaction is expected from the protagonists of the chaos of these days, namely the leaders Insigne, Callejon, Mertens, Koulibaly (besides Allan, injured), to try to mitigate the anger of the fans and prove that they are still with the market test and not already at the market. Not forgetting of course the ranking, not complex for the -3 from fourth place but because there are 3 teams in front right now and with ample opportunities to get out of the cups and concentrate on the championship. In a climate of last resort, despite being November, Ancelotti will confirm the eleven type of the last weeks: the news will be the return of Milik in attack, to understand if with Lozano or Mertens while on the left Luperto (or Hysaj) could take the place of a Mario Rui not in great condition. – the transfer market updated 24 hours a day

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Inter, Conte pushes for Vidal but Barcelona does not give up and the midfielder remains a puzzle. Giroud for the attack. Napoli, Mertens and Callejon closer to farewell. Future of Insigne, Koulibaly and Allan to decipher "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100

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