Murder Olga Matei, the Cassation: "No mitigating circumstances due to emotional storm"


Michele Castaldo, who in 2016 strangled his girlfriend, Olga Matei, for a jealousy crisis, cannot enjoy the extenuating generic linked to one "Overwhelming emotional storm". The established it Court of Cassation who thus upheld the appeal of the General Prosecutor's Office of Bologna, after the man had halved the appeal sentenced from 30 to 16 years precisely thanks to the psychiatric expertise that had detected a state of emotional alteration caused by human life.

The murder took place at Riccione October 5, 2016. The couple had only been dating for a month and, after a fight due to a jealousy of Castaldo, this grabbed the woman by the neck and the he strangled with his bare hands. After, he attempted suicide.

For the murder he was sentenced by the judge of Rimini, with shortened procedure, to 30 years in prison. But the sentence on appeal was the one that made us discuss: precisely because of the emotional state of the man, detected by the expertise of the experts, by the positive evaluation of the confession and of willingness to compensate the victim's daughter, the sentence had passed to 16 years (24 years, reduced by a third due to the ritual) for the balance between extenuating and aggravating circumstances. However, the Bologna public prosecutor had filed an appeal, arguing that "jealousy" could not be considered a mitigating factor.

Now, after the annulment by the Cassation, a new appeal will have to be celebrated in Bologna.


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