Murder Luca Sacchi, the medical report: not even a scratch on Anastasiya Kylemnik. Now it's trouble for her


The position of is becoming more and more complex Anastasiya Kylemnik, the girlfriend of Luca Sacchi, the boy killed in Rome with a pistol shot in a story whose contours are still far from clear. The point is that now the results of the report drawn up by the doctors of the San Giovanni hospital in Rome have emerged: no excoriation, not even a hematoma, a scratch. But Anastasiya had reported and continues to claim that on the night of the murder she was attacked by Valerio del Grosso is Paolo Pirino, aggression complete with a baseball bat. So much so that the girl spoke of a pain at the cervical vertebrae and the mother, interviewed by the Messenger, had added that "Anastasiya has a hematoma behind the head and the knees still peeled ". Evidences that however do not appear in the medical report: the doctors have not found lesions attributable to the beatings that he claims to have suffered that damned evening in front of the pub John Cabot. Obviously, therefore, that the position of the girl, whose reconstruction the investigators have never actually believed in, becomes ever more delicate. Why did he lie, if he lied? What really happened while Luca Sacchi died? Questions that, for now, do not have sufficiently clear answers.

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