Murder Luca Sacchi, his mother: "He was a spectacular son, not a criminal like the one who killed him"


With a voice broken by tears, the mother of Lucca Sacchi – killed in the night between 23 and 24 October in Appio Latino – comments a "Fourth Degree" a series of videos and photos that show some moments spent with the son and the family. "He was joking, always joking, all the time. You felt him laughing, he was always cheerful, always happy. And he laughed, laughed … because he is just playful. He was a living joke."

"Now it will be another life. I do not have my son. I do not even know what life will be. They took away my life, the sun took me away. But why then only the good ones go away and these do not? Why the mother don't you tell him? Why doesn't he say 'Talk, right?' If mum was like that … he knows it means being a mother, right? Luca was a spectacular son, he was not a criminal like these. Because my son has to put us back for them ".

"I can't say bad things about Anastasiya"he adds, talking about Luca's girlfriend." For me he was like a daughter, she was five years with Luca. Five years in this house. I sincerely hope you have absolutely nothing to do with it. When I was here I told her 'Anastasiya, do you have anything to do with this story? "And she said' No, Tina. No, Tina". But at some point I never saw her again, so I wonder: if you're in love, why don't you come over? She knew how I was because of Luke and yet she never showed herself again. If you had told me you wanted to be at the funeral, I would have protected you. "

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