MotoGP, Yamaha fires Jonas Folger: he will no longer be a test driver


Jonas Folger will not be a Yamaha test driver in 2020: "We had an agreement by voice, I was waiting for the new contract".

Jonas Folger will not be the Yamaha MotoGP 2020 test driver. The German driver, who made five substitutions in Moto2 in the 2019 season, is put out of Iwata's project, the talks seemed very advanced, Maio Meregalli had assured that they would continue with Folger after the no by Johann Zarco. But now the official German news arrives: "This bad news was a surprise for me. I had a verbal agreement with Yamaha to continue and even expand this project".

According to Jonas, there was already a well-planned work plan for the 2020 MotoGP season. "But then suddenly the refusal arrived, although they assured me that I would soon receive the contract. They told me they wanted to entrust the test program to Japanese pilots again. So I was stopped for a long time – continued Jonas Folger -. The disappointment is obviously exceptional, because I stopped completely on this project and canceled all other options for next year. Too bad, it would have been a very interesting challenge and at the same time a versatile task. At the moment I don't know how to proceed with my career. There are not many reasonable options on this advanced date".

Lin Jarvis, CEO of Yamaha Motor Racing, denied the verbal agreement for next year. But at this point there is great curiosity to know the name of the new tester. Team manager Meregalli has closed its doors to Zarco. Bradley Smith, who led the M1 for four seasons, looks set to stay in Aprilia. But the conditional is mandatory after the many twists of this MotoGP season finale. Moreover, the collaboration between Jonas Folger and Yamaha has never taken off. In the winter tests he had shown some disagreement for not having any opportunity to push to the limit. Furthermore, for months we have been wondering about his absence from the slopes as a test driver. In the end all the knots come to a head …

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