more than a thousand hires in sight. There is room for everyone


There are many open calls for tenders: from universities to municipalities, from armed forces to research institutions, reviewing the Official Journals published in the last two months, it is possible to find thousands of opportunities for those who aspire to enter the public sector. Let's see what the main ones are.

ACI, 305 places for graduates and graduates

There is time until December 5 to apply for two Aci calls: the Automobile Club Italia aims at hiring on a permanent basis 63 graduates and 242 graduates for various professional profiles.

For the first students, a written test with multiple choice questions will be held, followed by an interview. For the latter the selection is more complicated: pre-selection test, with multiple choice questions on the subjects of the written test and the oral exam; two written tests, one theoretical and one practical; an oral test. The tests will take place in Rome on dates yet to be established.

The graduated winners will be placed in Area C, economic level C1: this means that the salary should settle at 1,700 euros a month. Most (200 new hires) will be employed in the administrative sector, while 42 hires are reserved for candidates with skills in other sectors: from public contracts to management control, web communication and tourism policies.
For graduates, instead, the seats fall within area B, economic level B1.
The new hires will serve in the territorial offices of the institution located throughout Italy.

Eight hundred young people for the Air Force
The Ministry of Defense has instead announced a call for tenders to recruit 800 volunteers in fixed terms of one year (a basic salary of 800 euros is foreseen) in the air force for 2020.
The requirements are: middle school license, Italian citizenship, enjoyment of civil and political rights, unquestionable conduct, psycho-physical and aptitude aptitude for employment in the armed forces.
The selection involves different phases: evaluation of qualifications and merit; preliminary investigation and verification of the requests; assessment of psycho-physical and aptitude requisites; physical efficiency tests. There is time to apply until Wednesday 20 November.
Recruitment will be carried out in a single block, with a first entry in May 2020 for the first 400 suitable candidates and the second in September for all the others. The winners will enter aeronautics for the attendance of a basic training course in "fixed one-year period". Subsequently they will be able to participate in the procedures for the recruitment of the volunteers in fixed stops of 4 years

The 7,000 charge for the army
Just published in the Official Gazette – 15 November 2019 – is the announcement of the Army that will lead to the inclusion in 20210-21 of four tranches of recruitments. The first in June 2020; the second in September; the third in December; the fourth in March 2021. Same requirements as for aeronautical candidates (see above). The application form can be presented from November 19, 2019 to December 18, 2019, for those born between December 18, 1994 and December 18, 2001, details of which are included for the first block of admissions. From 24 February 2020 to 24 March 2020, for those born from 24 March 1995 to 24 March 2002, including details, for the second block.
From 19 May 2020 to 17 June 2020, for those born from 17 June 1995 to 17 June 2002, details included for the third block.
From 2 September 2020 to 1 October 2020, for those born from 1 October 1995 to
1 October 2002, extremes included, for the last block.

In the Marina space for 53 officers

The tender that will bring 53 new officers into the ranks of the navy has just opened: 25 in the special role of the Corps of the General Staff, 15 in the genius of the Navy, 9 in permanent service in the special role of the body of maritime military commissariat, 4 in the harbor authorities. Among the prerequisites, the possession of the "submariners" license and not exceeding 35 or 45 years of age as the case may be. The deadline for sending applications is December 13th (30 days from the date following the publication of the notice in the Official Gazette, which took place on November 12th).

Internship in the European Parliament
For young people interested in an international career, an opportunity comes from Schuman internships that are reserved for graduates, and allow them to complete the knowledge they have acquired during their studies and become familiar with the activities of the European Union, in particular the European Parliament.
The internships last five months.
There is time until November 30 to apply for the internships that will take place from March 1st to July 31st 2020.
To be able to apply, you must be of age, graduates (as mentioned above), have the required language skills. And again: to provide an extract from the judicial record, not to have worked for more than two consecutive months in an EU institution or body, not to have carried out a study or research visit in the six months preceding the beginning of the internship.
The monthly repayments are established by the competent authority based on the type of internship and are around € 1,200 per month.
Of the 21,000 people who apply every year for a traineeship in the European Parliament, 900 are selected.

Municipality of Milan, hunting for 201 instructors
Returning to Italy, the Municipality of Milan published a notice on October 30 for the search of 201 administrative-accounting instructors, to be included in category C and economic position C1.
A high school diploma is sufficient to apply. A preselective test is planned, followed by a written and an oral exam. The deadline for applications is November 29 and the tests will take place on December 5th and 6th.

Recruitment from research institutions to universities
The recruitment possibilities coming from research institutions – such as the Cnr – and the Italian universities are divided into many calls. On the Official Journal of 12 November, for example, the CNR calls for the awarding of a scholarship for graduates in the field of biotechnologies and for the recruitment of a technologist for an indefinite period are published. Among the universities, however, the Bocconi University of Milan starts the selection procedure for the call of a full professor, the one in Florence is looking for 4 first class teachers, the Milan State University is looking for a temporary researcher.

Incoming competitions: from INPS to the Revenue Agency
The call for competition for INPS 2019 is expected by the end of November, which should lead to the recruitment of 1,869 people.
The announcement was announced last July by President Pasquale Tridico. In all, there should be 5,500 jobs banned by 2020.
The Inland Revenue, on the other hand, has initiated the procedures for awarding the next competitions to realize 2,600 new hires starting in 2020.
In the tender for the assignment of the procedures it is indicated that at least five Public Competitions will be announced, which will lead to the inclusion of 2,300 non-managerial figures and 300 executives.

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