Montezemolo on 2021: "Impossible to continue with current costs" – Formula 1


Formula 1 of the future takes more and more form: the publication of technical, sporting and financial regulations which will come into force in 2021 has given a fairly defined face to the new course of the maximum automotive formula. It will be one of the most important revolutions in the championship, and the guiding principles of the change will be the reduction of costs, with the introduction of the maximum cost cap (the budget cap), and the greater standardization of the single-seaters, in addition to the new aerodynamic dictates to improve the quality of the action on the track and allow the riders to be able to run close together without impacting too much on the overall performance of the cars.

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, president of Ferrari until 2014 and protagonist of the golden age of the five consecutive titles won by Michael Schumacher with the Rossa, expressed his comments on the new regulations during a long interview with the program 'Politics in the ball' of Radio Rai. In particular, the Italian entrepreneur was invited to comment on the change of vision of the FIA ​​president Jean Todt regarding cost limits. At the time of work for the Scuderia, the former team principal sought in fact to always obtain the maximum resources for development: "I remember the battles with Mosley when he wanted to put the budget cap", Explained Montezemolo:"It was a different period: there were then some big companies that ran in F1, think of BMW, Toyota, Renault still exists. Todt has changed his mind, but the ideas also change according to the moments ".

"Today there are three things to keep account ", continued the former number 1 of Maranello:"One is the net gap between the top teams and the rest. This is why in the last few years at Ferrari I have proposed three cars for the teams because otherwise after a few laps there are teams that are completely out of all possibilities ”. According to the entrepreneur class 1947, in F1, as in any sport, the possibility of competing even for the less strong should be guaranteed: "Second, it is that we have arrived at costs out of all logic, which create even more gaps. Third, many have accused me of having agreed to introduce the new hybrid engines, and indeed we have paid a very high price, the same as the Honda, not really the latest arrival among engine manufacturers. Ferrari could not say no to evolution. We need Formula 1 to increase performance taking into account sustainability, pollution, and where the world is going. I think 2021 is a good starting point, without exaggerating ”.

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