For the championship commitment against Cagliari, the lily coach Vincenzo Montella took the floor in the press room "Manuela Righini" of the Franchi stadium to present the challenge.

Did the Cagliari championship surprise you? "It's a bit of a revelation of the championship, it has its strong point in the midfield and it doesn't have to envy anything to others. It will be a good game because the Sardinians are healthy, the field is a little tighter than the other Serie A and this will favor the pressure. It will be a test for us to understand where we are ".

Do you fear Simeon's rebirth? "Giovanni is an important player, he was also an important player in Florence. He suffered the season finale, honestly I was expecting something more under the aspect of wanting to change the mood of the city that he was not happy with. The desire in words was , then we advised him Cagliari to return to his levels: I'm happy for him ".

Was Nainggolan close to the viola? "I have been following him for some time, there was this possibility and he was tempted. But then he decided to choose with his heart and go to Cagliari".

Are you happy with the summoning of Castrovilli in blue? "We are proud, a great job was done on him by the company. We took risks because he had never played in A, but he is a humble guy who makes many sacrifices."

Do they affect the many young people who come from the nursery? "Florence is not a provincial, it is not easy for a young person to go from being a hero to not being ready. But with society we have decided to make the most of the young, because any team needs the hard core that comes from the youth sector, also for reasons Take the case of Ranieri, after the Genoa mistake they said he was not ready for Serie A, then against Lazio he played a good game: the young must be expected, among other things Luca (Ranieri, ed) Has renewed the contract, like Castrovilli, we are happy ".

Did any players give more and someone less than expected? "There is someone who can do more, just as others have given more than what we expected at this stage."

How do you judge the inaccuracies of the Church on the conclusions? "He is the second player in Italy, after Cristiano Ronaldo, who pulls more and so it is normal that maybe you are wrong more than the others. He must improve in the management, sometimes he is a little frantic".

Is there a bit of discontinuity between the first and second half? "The opponents sometimes have something more and sometimes something less. With Sassuolo we made a second extraordinary time, there is not a principle by which we must be superior both in the second and in the first half. There are few teams that have a superiority in the whole game.

Did you get an idea about the value of the team? "Tomorrow's game will already tell us something, because it is demanding. We are alive, we can play with everyone and we are increasingly having a strong identity".

Can Pedro join the owners? "He has already entered, he is growing in condition and improving".

Why doesn't Vlahovic have much space? "I think he has had the opportunity to be the owner only with me, he has great prospects but it is not easy to put seven elevenths of a team that is not used to Serie A. Recently, several experienced players have also been missing, the choices are often also due to this, but Vlahovic is taking over anyway, it is a present and even a future heritage: we need to give him time to grow.

An advantage that Vlahovic and Pedro should take from Gigi Riva? "I wish Riva well, I remember him respectfully and politely. I didn't see him play a lot, but I think Dusan looks a little like him. At least that's the wish."

Did you expect a qualitative leap from Zurkowski? "He did not disappoint me, he comes from another league and must learn to play here as with his teammates. He has a great race, I know he is unique in our midfield and I am happy with his desire to work".

How is Caceres? "He's fine, he's working with the group."

What would you like to have of Cagliari? "I congratulate Maran, he is doing a great job but I gladly keep my players. I don't envy anything."

Is dhard to find a young striker who shows so much? "It is a bit more difficult in our league, but Vlahovic is 19. He certainly needs a bit of malice, and age helps."

How do you assess Venuti's performance? "I'm very happy, he is a joker who can play everywhere. He has great attachment to the shirt and will give us a big hand."

How is Lirola? "He's fine, he's fully recovered and he's available too."



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