Montella at the conference presents the challenge between Fiorentina and Cagliari


Vincenzo Montella, coach of Fiorentina, spoke at the press conference ahead of tomorrow's game against Cagliari, scheduled at 12.30 am on Sardinia Arena.

Montella at the conference presents the challenge between Fiorentina and Cagliari

"Cagliari is the revelation of the championship. The midfield is his strong point, he has little to envy the others, they have at least six players that few teams have. Their game identity starts from center field. It's a beautiful game to play. Then the field is narrower than ours, there will be so much pressure. We will see where we are. The Cagliari has taken 3-4 top-level players, they have ambitions, I am curious and willing to face them.

Simeon? Last year he suffered a lot in the season finale. When we returned, I expected more from him. He wanted to stay, but he hadn't taken the spring. We told him he could have been redeemed in Cagliari. I am happy for him, really happy that he is doing well and that he is serene. I hope he's a good boy tomorrow.

Nainggolan? There was this possibility, he was tempted, but then Cagliari came and he was always tied to it and opted to go to them. Chapeau to the boy, I really admire him so much.

Castrovilli? We are happy and proud because we bet on it. We did a great job on him. We took risks because he had never played in Serie A. I'm sure he won't lose his humility. With the company we have decided to enhance the young, because any team needs the hard core that comes from the youth sector, also for economic reasons. They said that Ranieri was not ready for Serie A, then against Lazio he played a good game: the young must be expected, without anxiety.

Discontinuity between the first and second half? Opponents sometimes have something more and sometimes something less. With Parma we made a second extraordinary time, there is not a principle by which we must be superior both in the second and in the first half. There are few teams that have superiority throughout the game. You can get there with work.

Why doesn't Vlahovic have much space? I think he had the opportunity to be the owner only with me, he has great prospects but it is not easy to put seven elevenths of a team that is not used to the Serie A. Lately, several experienced players have also been missing, the choices are often due to this too . But Vlahovic is still taking over so much, it is a present and also a future heritage: we need to give him time to grow. Tomorrow you can play.

How are you Lirola? "He's fine, he's fully recovered and he's available too. Caceres? He's fine, he's working with us. "

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