Matches like the one in Cagliari cannot be stored as a bad day, because of the wind, sea air, young people or the moon, otherwise we do the imitation of the court of miracles that surrounded Fratellini in Pallini, always very clever in making excuses or justifications: alibis are of no use to anyone.

In fact, please do me a favor if you can, young people don't talk about it anymore, you make a better impression, generally you go into the field without an identity card and a team can't be young if you lose and strong if you win. I say this above all to Montella who, in order to explain her ugliest game since training Fiorentina, in the post-race has seen fit to waste time and take everyone for the c…, comparing the date of birth of the players of Cagliari with those of Fiorentina . Once again, ask for phone numbers. Can not be done. Let's talk about soccer, please.

And I hope Fiorentina's leaders are talking hard at this time in football because Montella should explain so many things and so many choices too wrong not to deserve a hard and final exam.

I say this immediately to avoid being lost (in the case I would be interested in zero, then pass) or misunderstandings: I don't want Montella's head. But I want more, I want a more responsive coach, more inside the game, more intuitive, less predictable, less passive, more courageous, more aggressive. And I say this because I respect Montella and I think he can pull off something else from this team. But he must do it immediately, quickly, he must grow Sunday after Sunday.

Under scrutiny, he too, the year of transition also serves to evaluate the rebirth of Montella. And for now the doubts are many despite an acceptable classification. I cannot be satisfied with three well-played and well-prepared games, the same with Juventus and Atalanta, the victory over Milan. Three out of twelve is little stuff. In all the others, until the collapse of Cagliari, yes moments and no moments, good things, others very questionable. A growth that has abruptly stopped to become a collapse. Why?

The thing that leaps to the eye, always, is the competitive approach of this team that cannot be acceptable. Sacchi, a master, always shouted in his ears always one word only to his players: intensity. If you don't play a physically intense kick today you are out, as Briatore would say. And the intensity comes before the technical qualities, the modules, the tactics. It must be your way of dealing with games. Instead Fiorentina is always musty, sometimes soft. Never aggressive, never competitive, almost mild as an attitude. I'm not talking about fouls, that's another story. Think also of Sassuolo's first half, but also with Udinese. Brescia, last in the standings, for example, is more intense than Fiorentina. Do you want a data item? On Sunday in Cagliari Fiorentina covered 98 kilometers, third last among the twenty of Serie A. The Inter, first in this ranking, has traveled nearly twenty kilometers more. Twenty kilometers in a game, I emphasize this. And then I am reminded of what Gattuso said by inheriting Montella's Milan: he is an athletic team off. It's the same idea I have of this Fiorentina. Off.

Is it a problem of athletic preparation or fears that block players? We need an answer. Is it perhaps the coach who does not have the temper of the driver and does not load the team in the right way, hence the trivial and limp approaches? I do not know. I do not believe. It would be a big problem.

But what did it take more than Cagliari revelation to load Fiorentina? It seemed the ideal game for a great challenge even to oneself and for this reason the flop is even more frightening.

But in addition to the attitude, the preparation and interpretation of the race from a tactical point of view was also lacking. I have the feeling that Montella found the 3-4-1-2 or 2-1 final, which worked great with Juve, got lazy, put the autopilot on. But today's football is a continuous evolution, even within the same match. Question: but how do you play against Cagliari with three power plants when you know that they play with a single point, among other things very mobile? He needed the four-man defense with Caceres (he knows how to do it well) to push on the left wing to counter Nandez and Cacciatore, with Venuti (he had done well with Parma) on the right wing to take Rog or Joao Pedro when he moves and waits for overlaps. Was Dalbert to be taken away, one of the best to date, or Lirola? Patience, the coach must make choices according to the situations. I go further. In the race where the midfield was needed, Montella put a real striker who helps little. At least he asked him to press Cigarini, the brain of Cagliari. In short, a disaster. And I close it here. But I have frequently seen such errors, such as Sottil externally in Sassuolo.

I thought that Montella had come out of his technical tunnel after some good ideas and insights, instead he fell back into his Mr. Hyde that I have not yet figured out whether he was presumptuous enough to not read the games or afraid to the point of not being able to read them.

Talk about it and clarify yourself, purple executives, with a clear idea in mind: or this team begins to show personality and character, even with its limits that must not be hidden and knowing of the year of transition, or the risk is to lose a season without laying the foundations for the future to which Rocco holds much.

I remind you that, as written several months ago, Montella is on the Fiorentina bench because Rocco is a gentleman who keeps his word. During the meetings with the Della Valle, Diego basically told him: "Promise me to keep Montella, he returned to Florence because I had guaranteed him the place for two years, I don't want to look bad ". Rocco said "Ok" to Diego, but Sunday after Sunday the doubts increase. A team like this can't look good in Commisso, he's not proud of it and America's uncle is in football out of pride. Look up, think of the Champions, the show, being destroyed by Cagliari has opened a wound that is still wide open. We expect everything from Rocco, but rightly so. They tell me that he has ordered to evaluate different solutions, another meltdown will not be tolerated. They also tell me that in addition to Gattuso which is free and available, the great idea would be Spalletti. Almost obvious. Fiorentina fan, top level coach profile for history and curriculum. The problem is that Spalletti has sworn it to Inter e he wants all the money for a lavish contract, more than five million for another two years. AC Milan also tried to take him, but he failed. Spalletti enjoys every month when he collects money from Marotta without working. He also stayed to live in Milan to meet them at home and smile in the face of those of Inter.

However now the problem does not arise, let's talk about it again in a month knowing that the reflection is taking place and even the words of Prade in Cagliari have not sounded like consoling caresses, but an ultimatum: or you move or jump. I'm brutal.

I repeat, no one can think of a year of transition as if it were a trip or whatever happens will be a success. And no. The transition serves for the future, as mentioned.

But, in addition to Montella, it is clear that this quickly built team also has large gaps. Without Castrovilli and Pulgar suspended, it will be hard to find three midfielders in Verona. Who plays, Cristoforo? Or do you take Dabo off the freezer?

I expect an idea from the Mancini-type trainer median in Roma or a change of form. We'll see. But it is clear that something should be done all the more because Prade has in his hands those 30 million not spent in the summer. Many names in the viewfinder, from Amrabat down, on who to tighten, a decision will be taken in days.

The second problem that holds back Rocco's viola is Chiesa. The player is getting a little touched by his position, partly because of everything around him. He doesn't live in an igloo. It is also clear here that if Rocco had not told Diego "ok, I will not sell it", the fair football operation would have been to sell Chiesa for 70-80 million and redo the team like Cagliari did by selling Barella.

Today, however, I am not even reminded of the idea that is circulating in the headquarters and that I have already mentioned to you, that is, that if the Church does not sign until 2024, they still keep it until 2022. As if to show that society is in command, but there is a downside to the situation.

Can you keep a player so important not happy?

Can we continue not to talk to the father with the excuse, so the contract expiration is not near?

I say no. Church is the most player of this team, Ribery is another matter, and dialogue is mandatory. Even Messi, when he was not at peace with his personal affairs related to the tax authorities, did not play at Messi, he is an example to understand each other.

I say this because a Fiorentina under construction like this he cannot afford a non-optimal return of his reference player and for the future he must know today if he can count on him and how. There are always people behind contracts and arm wrestling and Prade knows this very well.

Now explain it to Rocco and start talking with Father. And if in the end (puta case) it would be worth selling Church, the operation should be set already now.



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