Montefusco: "Naples, shameful figure throughout Europe! There was only one winner"


Vincenzo Montefusco, a former coach, spoke during the Fuorigioco program, a program broadcast on the Televomero television station.

Former Napoli coach, Vincenzo Montefusco, issued some statements during the transmission offside, on Televomero: "I am saddened by what happened in Naples. Seeing these dramatized offend me, they are shameful things. We made a very ugly figure all over Italy and even in Europe. Whoever wins in this situation is only one: the president Aurelio De Laurentiis. The blue patron cannot afford to call serious and professional football players like Mertens and Callejon ".

The former blue coach Vincenzo Montefusco then added: "I always try to defend the coach and the players, but this time I just can't do it. Ancelotti first says he is against withdrawing and then, while the boys are going home, he goes to Castel Volturno? I think he was wrong. I don't want to do demagoguery, but footballers are also in error: they perceive millionaire salaries, I cannot afford to leave in this way by disobeying the directives imposed from above ".

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